Gilfillan Family Home Page

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Gilfillan Family Pictures:

The original Joseph Gilfillan Farm on the Claudy Road between Londonderry and Claudy, Northern Ireland.

The original Gilfillan home at Ballinamore on the Claudy Road between Londonderry and Claudy, Northern Ireland.

The Second Presbyterian Church at Glendermott, southeast of Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

The Lower Cumber Presbyterian Church near Claudy, Northern Ireland.

Sir John Franklin

Sir John Franklin's ship being attacked by giant walruses

Samuel Alexander Gilfillan (1857-1938), Robert Hambright Gilfillan (1861-1946), and Frederick A. Gilfillan (1870-1892)

Dora Lee Troutman Gilfillan, wife of Wade Franklin Gilfillan

Rufus Monroe Troutman (1856-1940)

Dora Lee Troutman (1893-1977) shortly before her marriage to Wade Franklin Gilfillan

Dora Troutman Gilfillan (MaMa Gillie) about 1940

Wade Franklin Gilfillan (1891-1968) and wife Dora Lee Troutman Gilfillan (about 1914)

Robert Alexander Gilfillan (1888-1969), Sara Moffat Gilfillan (1894-1989), and father Robert Hambright Gilfillan (1861-1946)

Eliza Jane Cairnes Gilfillan (1861-1913)

John Joseph Gilfillan (1878-1957)

Robert Gilfillan grave at Sharon Presbyterian Church in 1968

Hickory Grove Baptist Church in 1968

The Robert Hambright Gilfillan family about 1893

Wade Franklin Gilfillan (1891-1968)

Robert Alexander Gilfillan (1888-1969)

The Wade Franklin Gilfillan and Dora Troutman Gilfillan home

Carlton A. Gilfillan, Sr., and father Wade Franklin Gilfillan

Wade Franklin Gilfillan (1891-1968) playing Santa Claus

Children of Carlton Bryan Gilfillan and Deborah Staley Gilfillan (1997)

Louise Taylor Gilfillan and Carlton A. Gilfillan, Jr. on their honeymoon in Hawaii in 1985

Carla Elizabeth Gilfillan (1997)

Taylor Wade Gilfillan (1997)


Gore Family Pictures:

Carlton A. Gilfillan, Jr., Edward Pinckney Gore, and Myrtle Evelyn Gore Gilfillan (about 1952)

Edward Pinckney Gore and Mrytle Ellen Bryan home


Bryan Family Pictures:

Luticius Bryan, age 32 (1851-1933).

The Luticius Bryan Family about 1900.

William Amos Dillard Bryan, Jr. (1812-1860)

Lucian Dillard Bryan (1834-1907), brother of Luticius Bryan and son of William A.D. Bryan, Jr. (1812-1860).

Louisa Beaty Barnhill Bryan (1863-1945), wife of Luticius Bryan (1851-1933).

Martha Ellen Randall Blum Bryan (1836-1895).

Prudence Amanda Bellany Bryan (1829-1918)

Samuel Preston Watson, M.D. (1862-1916), and wife, Amanda Ellen Bryan Watson (1869-1912), daughter of Lucian Dillard Bryan.

The old S.G. Vereen house overlooks Little River (NC) docks.

Myrtle Ellen Bryan Gore and brother Ivey Lattimer Bryan


Patrick Family Pictures:

Thomas Gilfillan Patrick (1851-1939) and wife Sarah Jane Henry Patrick

The Killough Patrick home in White Oak, South Carolina